Test and Measurement

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ISR has developed expertise in developing and deploying test and measurement systems for the automotive, computer, electronic parts, hydraulics, medicine, natural gas, semiconductor, and utilities industries.

ISR’s software has been used to test, validate and bar-code a car navigation system. Using a CD-ROM map, The Navigator provides audio instructions to the driver.

ISR has developed custom software for IBM to allow this company to evaluate magneto-optical and WORM media for disk drive production. This software employs two computers to control GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus), VXI, and PC-Based devices.

Based on off-the-shelf GPIB instruments, this ISR system measures numerous resistor networks quickly, automatically, effectively, and accurately, producing reliable quality control and quality assurance data. Together with IRC TT we have developed Ohm Prober, which handles Probe Data acquisition and Process Control of precision resistors.

By measuring elevator velocity and acceleration profiles, this ISR test bench permits our customer to produce hydraulic elevator valves to stringent manufacturer specifications.

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