Data Acquisition

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Our test and measurement system acquire signals from variety of encoders and sensors for modalities such as temperature, pressure, rotation, speed and resistance from both humans and machines.  We have been  consulting with leading manufacturer of cutting edge data acquisition system to bring both hardware and software innovations to the market place.

Using a space-age gyroscope to measure angular velocity, an ISR system helps physicians assess tremor in patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

ISR’s field testers, which employ Fourier analysis (FFT), are used by the gas and petroleum industry to measure gas flow and determine the cause and cost of measurement errors in high-pressure natural gas pipelines.


Physicians use ISR’s software to access brain injuries by way of human eye movements measured with magnetic coils placed on the cornea.

Researchers use an automated target presentation system, developed by ISR, to assess how human movements are guided by target presentation and knowledge of results.

A PC-Based system is used to test and calibrate gas meters. The software by ISR is capable of monitoring six concurrent tests while sending test results to a remote server.

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