servicesA Wealth of Experience

ISR has developed computer systems and software in many industries. We have experience implementing complete solutions in diverse fields, ranging from Hydraulics to Neurology. We provide solutions that render our customers independent.

data acquisition

Some examples of our work in the field of data acquisition include:

Medicine: Using a space-age gyroscope to measure angular velocity, this ISR system helps physicians assess tremor in patients who suffer from Parkinson's disease.

Natural Gas: ISR's field testers, which employ Fourier analysis (FFT), are used by the gas and petroleum industry to measure gas flow and determine the cause and cost of measurement errors in high-pressure natural gas pipelines.

Neurology: Physicians use ISR's software to assess brain injuries by way of human eye movements measured with magnetic coils placed on the cornea

Kenesiology: Researchers use an automated target presentation system, developed by ISR, to assess how human movements are guided by target presentation and knowledge of results.

test & measurement

ISR has provided measurement solutions in the following cases:

Automotive: ISR's software has been used t test, validate, and barcode a car navigation system. Using a CD-ROM map, the Navigator provides audio instructions to the driver.

Computer Peripherals: ISR has developed custom software to allow companies (you had IBM here but I changed it, is that okay?) to evaluate magneto-optical and WORM media for disk drive production. This software employs two computers to control GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus), VXI, and PC-Based devices.

Electronic Parts: Based on off-the-shelf GPIB instruments, this ISR system measures numerous resistor networks quickly, automatically, effectively and accurately producing reliable quality control and quality-assurance data.

Hydraulics: By measuring elevator velocity and acceleration profiles, this ISR test bench permits our customer to produce hydraulic elevator valves to stringent manufacturer specification.

control & automation

ISR's experience in the field of electrical and biomedical engineering has enabled us to provide the following solutions to our clients:

Building Automation: Browser-based internet and intranet portals for remote measurement and control overlaid on XML-based floor plans. Learn more at www.gCells.com.

Optics: Using a servo-controlled system developed by ISR, our customer measures the spectrum of large optical filters in three dimensions (horizontal, vertical, andwavelength).

Physiology: A closed-loop cuff-control software developed by ISR, is used to measure blood pressure in humans non-invasively and continuously (beat-by-beat).Process Control. Two identical fail-safe systems, based on the WORKHORSE hardware, were integrated by ISR to control a supercritical process from a Sun workstation by way of the GPIB.

ISR's FFT Pro: Our award-winning Fourier analysis tools are used by companies such as 3M, US Geological Survey, Grumman, Hughes, and The National Renewal Energy Lab, for advanced digital signal processing (DSP) applications under Windows.