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Data Acquisition

Our test and measurement system acquire signals from variety of encoders and sensors for modalities such as temperature, pressure, rotation, speed and resistance from both humans and machines.  We have been  consulting with leading manufacturer of cutting edge data acquisition system to bring both hardware and software innovations to the market place.

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Test and Measurement

ISR has developed expertise in developing and deploying test and measurement systems for the automotive, computer, electronic parts, hydraulics, medicine, natural gas, semiconductor, and utilities industries.

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Bidirectional binding fails: The case of the ghost event

In an attempt to improve user experience, I decided to create a custom check box control with explicit indication of the two checked states using dual radio buttons. All worked well until I tested binding. It failed. The control could set the bound value but failed to set it. The culprit turned out to be […]

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The Magic Number 5.0 +/- 0.1

Our KEPCO BHK-500-80MG power supply will not force a 5.0mA current. It will output 4.9mA or 5.1mA, which spells out the workaround, but instead of 5.0mA a current of 1.024mA is output.

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Installer Command Line

Visual Studio installation actions allow specifying command line parameters. Recently, I tried using this to get a handle on the target directory where the applicaiton is installed. Unfortunately, the installer fails parsing the [TARGETDIR] property. The installer aborts reporting a failure to find a file or assembly in C:WindowsSystem32FileISRMyPoductName. The installation log sheds no additional […]