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Visual Studio 2008 Package Fails to Load

Yet another item for practicing The Art of Work Around(r). This time, I was tackling an installation package that has been giving my client a hard time. While debugging the installer Visual Studio began crushing following the message: “Visual Studio Explorer [or Settings] and Designer Package failed to load properly….” The message indicated that I […]

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NI VISA Interface Clear Workaround

NI VIsa Interface Clear has a minor bug causing it to time out if no resources exist on the bus.  Here is a method aimed at a work around as part of a class that inherits the NationalInstruments.VisaNS.GpibInterface. ”’ <summary>Issues an interface clear.</summary> ”’ <returns>Returns <see cref=”VisaStatusCode”>Visa status code</see>. ”’ </returns> ”’ <remarks>Works around the […]

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The Art of Workaround™

Finally I got the site ported to Joomla. I now feel empowered to dwelve into some writing. On my aggenda is addressing issues relating to working around the limitations of existing programs. In the pipeline are the following topics: Adding, checking in, and archiving Visual Source Safe 2005 projects using batch files; Failing to work […]