SRE-6 Gas Flow Analyzer

For the measurement and Diagnosis of Pulsation-Induced Square Root Errors (SRE) and Gauge-Line-Induced Errors (GLE) in Orifice Meters.

SRE-6 upgrades and downloads are available at the PGI International Inc. web site.

  • Significantly simplifies field installations, calibration, and testing
  • Uses USB-Based Technology for more robust field installations
  • Uses only Validyne sensors – two sensors suffice foe GLE and SRE measurements
  • Uses P-855D DP transmitter to simplify full and zero span settings
  • Uses real time strip charting to facilitate installation and calibration
  • Uses cutting-edge Windows-Based software
  • Calculates % SRE and estimates a dollar value of measurement error
  • Sampling rate of 5,000 Hz
  • Real-time spectrum analysis displays pulsations and frequencies
  • Off-line processing for recalculation of SRE at user-defined spectrum range
  • Automatic warnings and interpretations of high resonance frequencies induced by the manifold
  • Prints custom reports

System Components

  • Validyne P-855D DP transducer with one-valve manifold
  • Transducer interface box and connection cables (includes data acquisition board)
  • SRE6 or GLE6 software

Computer Requirements (not supplied with the system)

  • Laptop computer with Pentium Processor 1GHZ and Above
  • Windows XP operating system
  • Minimum 800X600 screen resolution
  • Support for USB2
  • Minimum 256 megabytes RAM
  • Free disk space for program (22 megabytes) and test data (1 megabyte / test for raw data)

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